About Coleen

In 2007, when Rockport resident Coleen Magrath first hung out a shingle on her start-up business, she actually had no place to hang it. That’s because Digital HouseCalls didn’t—nor does it—have a brick-and-mortar location. Rather, as the name suggests, Digital HouseCalls was the first area tech support provider to focus exclusively on in-home computer problem-solving. Magrath’s vision proved to serve a neglected niche in our emerging technological world: she has since built a robust clientele and has recently added community-oriented training classes to her portfolio of services.

With a rare combination of technical expertise and clear communications skills—and a patient, client-oriented manner—Magrath guides clients to a place where they feel confident searching the Web, uploading photos, and managing emails. And Digital HouseCalls’ low overhead translates into low rates for customers!

In the comfort and convenience of their own homes, on their own schedule, Magrath helps clients with setting up computers and printers, organizing files, ensuring virus protection, and trouble-shooting technical glitches. She helps clients chose the right technology for their needs, installs new equipment, and assists with upgrades, smart phones, and secure online buying and selling.

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